[ RadSafe ] Anyone in Hawaii -

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Thu Jul 24 06:13:24 CDT 2008

Note how Rosalie Bertell is the expert in DU, even though she knows nothing
about the subject.  Does anyone in Hawaii recognize the poster Anson Chong -
the name sounds familiar, but his supposed expertise escapes me.

tml>  Release on DU in Hawaii (BIP)
By Anson Chong(Anson Chong) 
Rosalie Bertell, PhD, reaches a contrary conclusion. She remarks that the
lab report "actually says that there IS DU in the sample. There should be
zero. It is irrelevant that it is 'not significant.'" Dr. Bertell -- who has
been ...
 <http://maluaina888.blogspot.com/> Malu Aina, Jim Albertini,... -

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