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Edmond Baratta edmond0033 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 29 09:34:58 CDT 2008


It is possible that Americium-241 from the 'older' type smoke detectors has 
made its way into the soil.  It's 59.5 Kev (35.9% abundance) peak along with 
it's lower energy peak @ 17.8 Kev (19.3 % abundance), should be easier to 
identify.  Since it is soil, it is very possible that Radium-226 is also 

Ed Baratta

edmond0033 at comcast.net

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Soil gamma spec

>A decom project with minimal (no) history of likely contaminants.
> Some recent soil spec results show the presence of americium.
> Could soft X rays from radium be misinterpreted as an americium peak by 
> the
> gamma spec?
> Any input/advice etc. would be gratefully appreciated.
> Rgds
> Ross
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