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Syd, and all, a typical eBay  'auction' number for Cs-137 is 350072156906. 
Many other isotope sources also available from GEOelectronics , most but not 
all as listed in NRC CFR30.71 Schedule B. These are quite inexpensive, with 
the common buttons are Cs-137, Sr-90, Co-60, Co-57 etc running 57 USD each. 
The only unlicensed alpha sealed source is .1 uCi Po-210. There are 
GENERALLY LICENSED sources of Po-210 that are much larger, for example the 
STATICMASTER BRUSH REFILLS @ 500 uCI, but actually, it is illegal to use one 
for a radiation TEST SOURCE ( go figure, it comes under the general heading 
of "misuse").

 U.S. NRC allows up to 10 "exempt quantities" to be shipped in one package, 
but a person may order as many individual sources as they desire, just that 
each package can only contain 10 exempt quantity sources.

For example, Cs-137 is limited to 10 uCi as a single sealed exempt quantity 
source ( In USA), so 100 uCi's can go into one package. This would be 10 ea. 
10 uCi buttons, or 20 ea. 5 uCi or 100 ea. 1 uCi.

All the above presupposed that the dose rate at the surface of the package 
is within limits *( <.5 mR/H at surface). To achieve this, extra large boxes 
are sometime used. Much larger than would be required for the actual size of 
the contents.

As stated Cs-137 in the USA is limited to 10 uCi per button, no limit on how 
many buttons *anyone* may ultimately own or possess. No one may TRANSFER a 
button source or any exempt quantity sealed source without a NRC 
distribution license. There is NO LICENSE required to own them, but once you 
do own them, you may not transfer them to another person or entity. All you 
can do is trash can them.

Some countries outside the USA go by the IAEA rules, this limits a Cs-137 to 
.27 uCi. To comply with those rules, .25 sources are sent.

Ultimately the responsibility of holding the correct activity sources falls 
on the end user, as there is no issue shipping them FROM the USA, as long as 
the NRC and transport entity rules are followed.

lastly, there is a big price increase scheduled for this year, the first in 
4 years, so if you are contemplating replacing or adding to you isotope 
inventory. now would be the time.
\Hope that helps.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

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> Sid, look on eBay "GEOelectronics"
> George Dowell
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>> My little Cs-137 check source is getting a bit old and is probably about 
>> one half-life down in activity.  Any suggestions for a relatively cheap 
>> source of button check sources in this over-regulated world?  You used to 
>> be able to get em cheap from the school science supply houses, but they 
>> are apparently afraid of radiation these days.
>> Thanks.
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