[ RadSafe ] Pancreatic Cancer - Any Record of Uranium Having Caused

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July 30

         In a news article below, an Army Reserve officer claims that his 
pancreatic cancer was caused by exposure to depleted uranium while he was 
in Kuwait.

         Risk factors for pancreatic cancer are age, smoking, diabetes, 
being male, being Afro-American, family history, and having chronic 
pancreatitis.  A family history of ovarian or colon cancer is also a risk 
factor for pancreatic cancer.  "Other studies suggest that exposure to 
certain chemicals in the workplace or a diet high in fat may increase the 
chance of getting pancreatic cancer."  The link is 
<http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/wyntk/pancreas/page4>.  This is the 
National Cancer Institute's web site.

Steven Dapra

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>Widow's VA claim gaining steam
>Monday, July 28, 2008
>A Mobile woman says she was encouraged recently when a Department of
>Veterans Affairs appeals judge agreed to review a claim involving her
>late husband, who believed that his Army exposure to radiation
>triggered his deadly cancer.
>Theresa Orrell said she has been struggling with the VA over her
>husband's case for nine years, seeking acknowledgement of the dangers
>that he faced, as well as compensation for her family.
>About six weeks before dying in 1999, Lt. Col. William A. Orrell III,
>an Army Reserve officer, filed a claim with the VA, certain that his
>pancreatic cancer was connected with his encounter with depleted
>uranium in Kuwait. He was 56 when he died.
>Last month, an appeals judge, Lisa Barnard, took Orrell's depleted
>uranium death claim under advisement after a hearing in Montgomery. A
>ruling is expected in six to nine months.


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