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For Sale, 
Ten Classic Radiation Shielding Books and Reports
(definitely not available at your local bookstore)

$145 for the lot including shipping within the US via USPS Priority Mail

1. Weapons Radiation Shielding Handbook – Chapter 2 – Basic Concepts of
Radiation Shielding Analysis. Paul N Stevens and H Clyde Claiborne – Defense
Atomic Support Agency Report, DASA-1892-5 – June 1970, 80pp

2.  Weapons Radiation Shielding Handbook – Chapter 3 – Methods for Calculating
Neutron and Gamma-Ray Attenuation. Paul N Stevens and David K Trubey – Defense
Atomic Support Agency Report, DASA-1892-3, rev 1 – March 1972, 179pp

3. Lecture Notes on Reactor Shielding, M. Grotenhuis, Argonne National
Laboratory Report ANL-6000, March 1959, 184pp

4. The Photon Shielding Manual, Arthur Foderaro – Penn State U – 120pp

5. Strahlenschutz durch Abschirmung [Radiation Protection by Shielding],
Paul-Friedrich Sauermann – Verlag Karl Thiemig – Munchen, 1976, 183pp

6. Reactor Shielding Design Manual, T Rockwell, TID-7004, March 1955, 465pp

7. Design Aspects of Radiation Protection for Nuclear Power Plants, IAEA
Safety Guide 50-SG-D9, 1985, 102pp

8. National Bureau of Standards Circular 577 and its supplement, Energy Loss
and Range of Electrons and Positrons, 1956, 1958, 30 and 31pp, resp.

9. National Bureau of Standards Circular 542, Graphs of the Compton
Energy-Angle Relationship and the Klein-Nishina Formula from 10keV to 500 MeV,
1953, 89pp

10. WASH-740, Theoretical Possibilities and Consequences of Major Accidents in
Large Nuclear Power Plants, USAEC, 1957, 106pp

11. (an extra, N.C.) the Jan 1973 edition of 10CFR 20
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