[ RadSafe ] Fabricated data: EMF and the question of DNA damage

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Hi all:

I will translate this article later this afternoon for the group.  No time
this morning!

Dan ii

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Apparently it was more complicated, according to the homepage of the 
Medical University of Vienna:  

(sorry only German; interestingly, the homepage has an English section, 
where one can read about quite important news, e.g., "Sports surgeons' 
symposium on football", but apparently nothing about that fraud case).
The corresponding author of the incriminated publications, the former 
(now retired) head of the department of occupational medicine, Rüdiger, 
denies any wrongdoing. On the other hand, one of his co-authors, a 
woman, has immediately admitted the fraud after being questioned, and 
quit her job. Rüdiger's department has been closed in early 2007 for 
"intensive reorganisation". (As somebody +- familiar with wording in 
Austrian German, I would say that this means, in plain text, that  the 
med. uni. has been doubting the scientific quality of that department 
for some time.)
Still interesting, how come the corresponding author does not know what 
his co-authors did ? I have the feeling that there are still some 
revelations ahead in this case... - However, I think the Uni. (Schütz) 
reacted correctly.


Bjorn Cedervall wrote:
> Thank you for the help! It was a man (not a woman as I wrote) - it doesn't
make it any better.
> Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers at hotmal.com
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RE: [ RadSafe ] Fabricated data: EMF and the question of DNA damage> Date:
Fri, 30 May 2008 20:02:33 -0500> From: hotgreenchile at gmail.com> > The
hyperlink is a long one, so it will undoubtably have to be> reconstructed:>
> _answer&descasc=DESC&category=0> > and> >
http://www.wienweb.at/content.aspx?menu=10&cid=151184> > > Begin Translation
-------------> > UMTS-Study (Prof. H Rüdiger) probably falsified> Medical
University Vienna: Cell Phone study likely falsified.> > The former (head)
of the department of occupational medicine of the Medical> University of
Vienna, Emeritus Professor Hugo Rüdiger could have falsified> data about the
injurious nature of cell phone radiation.> <snip>
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