[ RadSafe ] GM saturation leading to failure

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Can you cite a reference that I might look this up? In my experience, a 
current limited saturation event does not harm a GM tube any more than a 
neon lamp is damaged when discharged under current limited operating 
Naturally a meter unit that does not recognize saturation and alert or alarm 
the operator is not desirable in a high flux field.

Some advanced designs "pulse" the high voltage in such a way that the upper 
range of saturation onset  is greatly extended.

Most also include a dual GM probe, with one for low ranges and one 
specifically designed for very high ranges.

No need to abandon GM tubes in most any significant flux, if the system is 
designed for it.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab
GEOelectronics at netscape.com

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> Radsafers
> I've encountered some training material that discourages/prohibits the use
> of a GM contam instrument for radiation field detection.  The reason cited
> for this is GM tube failure.  Having used this method in the field (in 
> some
> significant radiation fields) I'm not convinced this is a significant
> problem, when used in an operational monitoring context.
> Any further information/actual experience would be great.
> Thanks in advance
> Ross
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