[ RadSafe ] Protocol for Personnel Contamination Scans

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May I suggest you reference IAEA Technical Reports Series No. 120,
Monitoring of Radioactive Contamination on Surfaces, RF Clayton, Vienna,
1970.  A short while ago I was able to get my hands on this seminal
document via Inter-Library Loan. This title had call letters: HD 9698 A1
I6 no. 120
(I would have to check with our Library to see where they obtained the
document, memory slips me.)

I had a lab that wanted to know where the "frisking standard and rate"
came from. I was finally able to put my hands on this document, if only
for a brief time... The Reference section I am sure you will find most
enlightening!  I had heard of this document for over 30 years and I
finally was able to see it in person. (I have heard that there are those
that merely reference documents and do not actually read or even see the
Reference in person.)

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Hello all,

I am looking for references/cites on standard procedures/protocols 
one should follow when doing scans for potential external 
contamination of personnel when leaving a work area, e.g. hand-held 
alpha-beta scans of personnel when leaving a uranium mine/mill site - 
how fast the detector should be moved, how much of the person should 
be scanned, and other details if available.

I am presently most interested in US-based standard protocols.  The 
information is probably on NRC or DOE sites but it was not 
immediately apparent to me.  NRC Reg Guide 8.30 gives contamination 
limits for personnel, but not the details on how a scan should be done

Feel free to respond directly to me.


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