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Thanks for recommending the Radiological Health Handbook.  Under
U-238, is there an account of the teratogenic genotoxicity?

I ask because 10 US CFR 20 has been showing the toxicity of soluble
compounds as less than insoluble, which strongly suggests that only
the radiological toxicity and not the chemical genotoxicity has been
taken into account. (Pending U.S. petition NRC-PRM-20-26.)

We were just discussing some reproductive toxicity work from 1953:
Voegtlin and Hodge, eds., "Pharmacology and Toxicology of
Uranium Compounds" -- at least three volumes.  I would like to see
that one.  Some of its reports seem to be enjoying a contemporary
series of replications, e.g.:

Why aren't they karyotyping the white blood, sperm, and egg cells of
those rats?  That's where the action is.  I guess since rats only live
for about 5 years, tops, maybe it's not a substantial enough amount to
be significant?  It depends on the dose, of course.

Still, there's no excuse for not quantifying the reproductive toxicity
before writing about it with the certainty that we were hearing from
the military and their lapdog contractors 1972-2004.

James Salsman

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Johnston, Thomas <Tom_Johnston at nymc.edu> wrote:
> I must comment/speak up on this!
> I am certain you are not familiar with the body of work that was done in
> the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Most certainly this is considered to be Classics
> as far as establishing toxicity levels for radionuclides. If anyone is
> not familiar with these works, pick up your RHH and check out the
> Bibliography of any Section...  For the uninitiated, RHH stands for
> Radiological Health Handbook, an ESSENTIAL reference for any respectable
> scientist or specialist in this field. Today, the most recent edition is
> Handbook of Health Physics and Radiological Health, Third Edition.
> Tom
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> Is the industrial hygiene of radionuclides part of health physics?
> If not, why not?
> I have told Richard Urban that if Juan Trippe were alive today, he
> would be investing in wind.  It's not so much because of increasing
> windspeeds from the greenhouse effect and increasing engineering
> effeciencies, but also because of health physicists who have not
> considered the industrial hygiene of radionuclides as part of health
> physics.
> James Salsman
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