[ RadSafe ] Uranium and genotoxicity

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June 7

         Good luck on trying to obtain James' explanation of his degree, 
assuming that he has one.  A few weeks ago I asked him for his academic 
credentials to lecture anyone about DU.  I'm still waiting for a reply.


At 06:55 AM 6/7/08 -0500, Dan W McCarn wrote:
>Switch and bait, switch and bait: James, can you not stick to one 
>issue.  Fathallah (2007) focused his specious argument on uptake of DU 
>into plants as well as water in "Southern Iraq" as the uranium .


>As a geologist, I'll stick mainly to geological topics and areas of 
>first-hand knowledge such as the more than two decades of letters from my 
>sister-in-law, while you James, having had no background, and no 
>"first-hand knowledge" seem to be expert in everything.  What is your 
>degree in?
>Dan ii
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>Thank you for your message.
>What is your opinion on whether (U-238)O2-Y is more dangerous than
>(U-238)O3-D, as the ICRP and NRC assert, or does the bioavailability
>of the uranyl ion make equivalent activities of (U-238)O3 more of an
>ingestion and inhalation hazard?
> > James is persistent; I just wish that he would listen.
> > My presentation of moles per liter of PHREEQC
> > equilibrium concentrations has been previously presented.
>I wish you would listen, too.  When will you use the 25,000 km^2 area
>in which depleted uranium munitions were used instead of "a third of
>Iraq," which is several times larger?
>Furthermore, have you taken into account that potable water in that
>region is taken from rainwater runoff?
> >... Also consider that groundwater may also have
> > a number of other trace metals and materials,
> > e.g. major anions & cations (Na, Ca, Cl, SO4,
> > HCO3, CO3) trace metals (selenium, molybdenum,
> > etc. that may concentrate in the soil zone over time.
> > It all depends on the "Leaching Coefficient", how
> > quickly or slowly specific analytes move through
> > the soil column.
>Does that imply that mathematical models require a firm foundation in
>empirical observation from weathering of the oxides to human
>bioavalability on the specific terain in question?
> > The fact is that the uranium does not concentrate
> > significantly in desert soils with the possible
> > exception of caliche- or gypcretes-forming soils....
>I will have to look those up.
>In the mean time, would you please have a look at this article and
>please tell me your opinion of it?
>   http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=2137136
>James Salsman

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