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Airborne uranium not selective

Tue Jun 10, 2008


To the Editor: 

In Bill Tuer's letter to Northumberland News (May 30), he appears to be
satisfied with Health Canada's studies and findings of Port Hope in 1978,
1981, 1988, 1995, 2000 and 2001. 

These six studies have failed to identify the unnatural uranium isotopes of
U234 and U236 in people like myself. Health Canada and the Canadian Nuclear
Safety Commission should be ashamed that the Port Hope Community Health
Concerns Committee had to raise the funds for radio-biological testing of 11
people. Waiting on our government gave us nothing. The study was small, it
was a start, but look what it found. Of the 11 people, three of four workers
were contaminated with U236 - spent reactor fuel; one worker with depleted
uranium (DU); all four workers with elevated U234; and five non-workers all
with elevated U234. 

The control subjects did not show these results. Cameco acknowledged at a
CNSC hearing on January 9, that uranium contaminated with U236 fuel was
being refined in Port Hope, but it is not supposed to be here. As a worker,
never informed, now contaminated and quite ill, I am left disgusted with the
leadership that I once trusted. 

Enriched uranium, spent reactor fuel, depleted uranium, what else? How can
one suggest that the clean up of Port Hope's nuclear waste is a "low-level"

Mr. Tuer's newfound knowledge that uranium can be carried in the wind is
very true. To consider that it ended up in Port Hope, and of those tested,
nine locals had elevated U234, and of them, only the nuclear workers had
U236 in their system, indicates that airborne uranium isotopes are also
selective. One poor guy has depleted uranium (DU) in his body. I wonder what
the attraction was? 

I would guess that Port Hope and its people are victim to unfavourable and
selective winds? 

Dan Rudka 

Port Hope 


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