[ RadSafe ] Additional ANSI N13 and N43 Standards added to HPS Website for electronic download

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Wed Jun 11 15:36:32 CDT 2008

The Health Physics Society Standards Committee is pleased to announce
that through the generous contribution of Dade Moeller & Associates, who
scanned in "paper-only" versions of N13 and N43 ANSI Standards, the list
of available electronic downloadable standards is as follows (HPS
members can download from the "Members Only" Section,


N13 Standards


N13.6-1999 Practice for Occupational Radiation Exposure Records Systems

N13.11-2001 ANSI/HPS N13.11-2001: Personnel Dosimetry Performance -
Criteria for Testing 7/31/01 

N13.12-1999 Surface and Volume Radioactivity Standards for Clearance

N13.14-1994 Internal Dosimetry Programs for Tritium Exposure - Minimum
Requirements 4/13/94 

N13.30-1996 Performance Criteria for Radiobioassay May 96 

N13.32-1995 Performance Testing of Extremity Dosimeters Aug 95 

N13.35-1999 Specifications for the Bottle Manikin Absorption Phantom

N13.36-2001 Ionizing Radiation Safety Training for Workers 10/30/01 

N13.39-2001 Design of Internal Dosimetry Programs 5/24/01 

N13.41-1996 Criteria for Performing Multiple Dosimetry Dec 96 

N13.42-1997 Internal Dosimetry for Mixed Fission and Activation Products
Feb 97 

N13.45-1998 Incineration of Institutional Low-Level Radioactive Waste

N13.49-2001 Performance and Documentation of Radiological Surveys 8/6/01

N13.52-1999 Personnel Neutron Dosimeters (Neutron Energies Less Than 20
MeV) 10/26/99 

N13.54-2008 ANSI/HPS N13.54-2008 Fetal Radiation Dose Calculations Jan



N43 Standards 


N43.2-2001 Radiation Safety for X-ray Diffraction and Fluorescence
Analysis Equipment 7/31/01 

N43.3-2008 ANSI/HPS N43.3-2008: For General Radiation Safety -
Installations Using Non-Medical X-Ray and Sealed Gamma-Ray Sources,
Energies Up to 10 MEV Jan 08 

N43.4-2005 Classification of Radioactive Self-Luminous Light Sources Sep

N43.5-2005 Radiological Safety Standard for the Design of Radiographic
and Radioscopic Non-Medical X-Ray Equipment Below 1 MeV Sep 05 

N43.6-2007 ANSI/HPS N43.6-2007 Sealed Radioactive Sources -
Classification Aug 07 

N43.7-2007 ANSI/HPS N43.7-2007 Safe Design and Use of Self-Contained,
Dry Source Storage Irradiators (Category I) Aug 07 

N43.8-2008 Classification of Industrial Ionizing Radiation Gauging
Devices Mar 08 

N43.10-2001 Safe Design and Use of Panoramic, Wet Source Storage Gamma
Irradiators (Category IV) and Dry Source Storage Gamma Irradiators
(Category II) Jan 01 

N43.15-2001 Safe Design and Use of Self-Contained Wet Source Storage
Gamma Irradiators (Category III) Mar 01 

N43.17-2002 Radiation Safety For Personnel Security Screening Systems
Using X-rays 4/3/02


Once again, the HPSSC would like to thank Dade Moeller & Associates for
their generous support for making these standards available to our
members as well as the general public.



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