[ RadSafe ] Radiation for health

Christopher Van Den Bergen Christopher.Van-Den-Bergen at adm.monash.edu.au
Thu Jun 19 02:05:45 CDT 2008

Does anyone actually believe in LNT? It certainly makes it easy to produce 
an effect regulatory frame work, but I do not think it is true.

Does anyone here actually believe that LNT  is the correct model for low 

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ROY HERREN <royherren2005 at yahoo.com>
radsafe at radlab.nl
19/06/2008 04:51 PM
[ RadSafe ] Radiation for health

...says Luckey, "Those who believe the Linear No Threshold (LNT) dogma 
have no concept about any benefits from ionizing radiation. Many 
radiobiologists get paid to protect us from negligible amounts of ionizing 
radiation. Our major concern is health."

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