[ RadSafe ] Re:LNT and ALARA

Harry Reynolds hreynolds at energysolutions.com
Sun Jun 22 13:55:08 CDT 2008

I have a PowerPoint presentation on Radiation Risk in Perspective with the following points:
-What is and is not known about radiation effects.
-Simplified graphs showing known effects; LNT, threshold and hormesis theories without endorsing any of them.
- Comparison of natural radionuclides to Pu and Am.
-That ALARA was adopted based on LNT in 1959 when much less data was available on long term effects of chronic occupational dose and was adopted "for the purposes of radiation protection" because it is the most conservative of the three theories.
-That ALARA is also the law.
-IF LNT is true, 5 rem/yr for 50 yrs would involve a risk similar to high risk ccupations.
-With occupational average doses where they are now after application of ALARA, Rad Worker risk equates  to a safe occupation.
I will share this with anyone who wants to contact me off-list
Harry Reynolds
hreynolds at energysolutions.com


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