[ RadSafe ] Cancer suit filed against Los Alamos Labs

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June 22

         This doesn't say much for the intellectual rigor of jurors, does it?

Steven Dapra

At 07:17 PM 6/22/08 -0500, Dan W McCarn wrote:
>Dear Group:
>Having been involved in civil environmental litigations as an expert
>witness, sometimes it doesn't matter to a jury if a person was exposed to a
>contaminant exceeding a drinking-water quality threshold or not.  If those
>contaminants at issue can even be detected, or a case made that they might
>have been present at one time is enough to move a jury to return a verdict
>in favor of the plaintiff. This, of course, also extends into the more
>emotive issues related to radiation or radionuclide exposure.
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> >>According to an article in the Las Cruces (NM) Sun-News, Ryman's
>daughter "said her father's doctors were mystified about the cause of
>cancer until they talked to her about his past.
>"I told the doctor he grew up in Los Alamos, and he looked at me, put
>his pen and said, 'Your dad has radiation exposure,' [the daughter]
>The link is <http://www.lcsun-news.com/ci_9152106>.  (How's that for a
>diagnosis?  The doctor never so much as saw the patient.)<<
>Not an unusual occurrence. This happens more often than you think.
>Worker works with radiation and becomes ill. Member of the public
>becomes ill and it's the radiation that causes the illness. This trend
>towards litigation is partly what I have written about in the ALARA
>dialogue. Employers are at risk where radiation is a part of the work.
>People do get ill, and, where there is an illness, radiation is often
>suggested at the root cause, right or wrong. If employers or businesses
>don't do what is considered prudent, they are portrayed as ruthless and
>not concerned about the public's or their worker's welfare. Juries can
>be swayed. I observe where employees believe that they have been treated
>fairly at work, generally don't sue. If they believe that management has
>not treated them fairly, they will often sue.
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