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June 23

         Some statistics on myeloma from the NCI's website.

It is estimated that 19,920 men and women (11,190 men and 8,730 women) will 
be diagnosed with and 10,690 men and women will die of myeloma in 2008

The following information is based on NCI's SEER Cancer Statistics Review
Myeloma Section
Incidence & Mortality
SEER Incidence
 From 2001-2005, the median age at diagnosis for myeloma was 70 years of 
age.  Approximately 0.0% were diagnosed under age 20; 0.6% between 20 and 
34; 3.4% between 35 and 44; 11.8% between 45 and 54; 20.3% between 55 and 
64; 26.8% between 65 and 74; 27.8% between 75 and 84; and 9.4% 85+ years of 

The age-adjusted incidence rate was 5.6 per 100,000 men and women per year. 
These rates are based on cases diagnosed in 2001-2005 from 17 SEER 
geographic areas.

(end quote)


         Lowell Ryman died at age 63, seven years under the median age for 


         According to the National Library of Medicine at the NIH web site, 
"No one know the exact causes of multiple myeloma . . .."

Link:  <http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/multiplemyeloma.html>.

         The Mayo Clinic's web site also says there are no certain known 
causes.  Towards the end of the web site the reader is told that two 
possible factors that may increase one's risk of getting multiple myeloma 
are exposure to radiation, and working in petroleum-related industries.

         In the typical twist, radiation is also used to treat multiple 


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