[ RadSafe ] German professor with ideas about nuclear power&health effects

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun May 4 11:53:54 CDT 2008

May 4

         There may be something to what you say Syd.  (Heh, heh.)

         Perhaps a little more to the point, James Salsman is not 
marginally but *utterly* incapable of presenting any empirical evidence to 
substantiate his claims.  A message from me will be showing up soon wherein 
I show how baseless his claims are about the teratogenicity of DU smoke.  I 
would like to know if JS has any academic credentials to sound off about 
DU.  All I (we?) have ever seen him do on RADSAFE is cut and paste jobs.

Steven Dapra

At 09:52 AM 5/4/08 -0500, Syd H. Levine wrote:
>The absolute moral authority of the marginally insane never ceases to 
>amaze. Mr. Salsman is so convinced what he has to say is important and 
>correct, that rules simply cannot apply.  And the prove a negative crap is 
>just downright funny; perhaps Mr. Salsman does not realize how foolish 
>that makes him look to real scientists (best to save that kind of nonsense 
>for folks not steeped in the scientific method).
>Syd H. Levine
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>>Dear Dr. Schönhofer,
>>Thank you for your direction to send what I think is important to you and 
>>the RADSAFE list.
>>Do you, Dr. Schönhofer, support the empirical quantification of the 
>>extent of
>>reproductive harm of uranium smoke and its uranyl ion?
>>James Salsman


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