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Mon May 5 19:15:57 CDT 2008

Yes, Chris, I am strongly biased in favor of nuclear power as by far the safest as well as thriftiest and cleanest. And you folks are the ones to credit for it.

If you meant that I would selectively ignore radiation deaths in a nuclear sub or power plant, I think not. Can you name a single one? On the other hand, how many hundreds were killed in construction of hydro power dams? How many thousands are still dying in coal mines?

Doug and Brian point out the relatively few deaths among servicemen from wounds, drunken driving etc, compared with the times of the draft. 

Selection of deaths (vs saving of lives) is the natural media self-interest. USA has not had the expected catastrophic nuclear and/or chemical and/or bio attack, expected by Saddam's Gen Sada, the Piro(sp?) Commission, etc. absent Operation Iraqi Freedom.. Our very imperfect government should have credit for this existential accomplishment.

Howard Long
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> Has there been a death from nuclear power? 
> You do really have a biased data selection process don't you? 
> HOWARD.LONG at comcast.net wrote: 
> > 
> >I hope HPs can persuade media and politicians to compare the deaths from 
> accidents 
> >(largely auto, killing more servicemen during the Korean war than combat), 
> >with the beautiful record of nuclear power plants, for much needed clean 
> electricity. 
> >Has there been a single death from that? 
> > 
> >Howard Long 
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