[ RadSafe ] New evidence on brain tumors from cell

Jaro jaro-10kbq at sympatico.ca
Wed May 7 17:30:27 CDT 2008

Interesting comment Jim.
My friend Marvin Herndon sent me a link to a little video commentary he
recently produced, just on this topic.
Its a bit foreign to me (in the US that is), but interesting

Any thoughts ?



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Good question.

Simple answer - There's little scientific integrity in universities.  Their
job is to chase research/grant funds.  The (more sophisticated) frauds are
often well-funded by biased gov't agencies and review bodies (who also live
on those gov't and corporate funds) to keep the pot boiling to support
related research funding.

University and "corporate" managers "succeed" on such funding and "billable
hours" generated rather than effectiveness and efficiency, or integrity.

Regards, Jim

on 5/7/08 5:18 PM, Nils Rudqvist at nils_rudqvist at hotmail.com wrote:

> How can the involved universitys tolerate that their professors make
> unscientific claims?
> Nils Rudqvist
> Student in radiophysics
> The Sahlgren academy
> Gothenburg university

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