[ RadSafe ] Electric detector cooling

Olsson Mattias :MSO mso at forsmark.vattenfall.se
Fri May 16 03:52:35 CDT 2008

LN2 seems to be on the decline when it comes to Germanium detector cooling. Electric coolers are entering labs here and there. Even though they will probably never be as good as LN2 at cooling, they have their advantages. What I wonder is if there are any experiences on here of the performance of the major models. Primarily I think of:

Canberra Cryo-Cycle
Canberra Cryo-Pulse 5
Ortec X-cooler II

I think the Cryo-Cycle seems very interesting but I haven't had the opportunity to try it out. Microphonics and noise (sound) may be the drawbacks for that one.

All the best,

Mattias Olsson,
Östhammar, Sweden

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