[ RadSafe ] FS: Classic reference books

Jerry Lahti jerry1018 at wowway.com
Thu May 22 08:46:49 CDT 2008

For sale as a lot - a few more of my well used classic reference books.

Asking price $65 including shipping in the US by Priority Mail. 

1. Meteorology and Atomic Energy - 1968 - USAEC, 445pp
2. Radiological Health Handbook, Rev ed 1970, US Dept of Health, Education and
Welfare, 458pp
3. DG Jacobs, Sources of Tritium and its behavior upon release to the
environment, AEC Critical Review Series, 1968, 90pp
4. GA Briggs, Plume Rise, AEC Critical Review Series, 1969, 81pp
Jerry Lahti
Naperville IL

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