[ RadSafe ] The DU Myth and the European Parliament

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Mon May 26 15:23:26 CDT 2008

Looking at this article, it is quite clear that the members of
Parliament have bought completely into the myth and then this writer
for a non-activist on-line publication has just reported what they
said.  Why was the Parliament allowed to vote without any scientific
input other than that from activists posing as scientists.

Roger Helbig


Exposure to depleted uranium weapons causes disability
26 May 2008 - Issue : 783


The European Parliament said there should be a moratorium on the use
of uranium weapons, including by the European Union and NATO, because
"their use in warfare contradicts the rules and principles of
international, humanitarian and environmental law."
The weapons are widely suspected of leaving people exposed to them
with illness and disability in the aftermath of conflict, as has long
been claimed by soldiers and civilians involved in the first Gulf War.
EU countries were called on to share information on personnel exposed
to uranium-depleted weapons and environmental data on contaminated
areas, as well as for financial assistance for victims and clean-up
Liz Lynne of the United Kingdom, who sits on the Human Rights
Subcommittee and co-signed the resolution, said, "Depleted Uranium is
both chemically toxic and radioactive. Nevertheless, it has been used
widely in conflicts in Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, not to mention
its continuing suspected use, as we speak, in Afghanistan.
"Scientific evidence shows that depleted uranium poses a severe risk
to soldiers and civilians alike. In the UK hundreds of veterans'
believe that exposure to depleted uranium in the first Gulf War has
left them with chronic illnesses and disabilities."

She said, "My fear is the use of depleted uranium by the UK and other
countries has in itself blighted the lives of the very same people who
were prepared to fight and die for their country. This is a travesty
and yet the UK Government continues to deny any link. But it is not
just soldiers who now suffer. In Iraq, there is evidence that the use
of depleted uranium has caused increases in the phenomenon of
anophtalmos: babies who have been born with only one eye or who are
missing both eyes."
She said at least 17 countries are known to have depleted uranium
weapons in their military arsenals including three EU Member States:
France, Greece and the United Kingdom. These countries must be named
and shamed, she said. "I welcome the law passed in Belgium last year
banning the use of uranium in conventional weapon systems. We now
urgently need an international treaty establishing an immediate
moratorium on the use, development production, stockpiling, transfer
and testing of depleted uranium weapons as well as the destruction or
recycling of existing stocks."

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