[ RadSafe ] The DU Myth and the European Parliament

Dan D. Palmer ddpalmer at duf6.com
Tue May 27 11:32:08 CDT 2008

"MYTH:  There are no viable alternatives to depleted uranium in
FACT:  The U.S. Navy switched to tungsten in the late '90s.  Tungsten
is not pyrophoric, and not teratogenic -- acting off the battlefield
-- like depleted uranium, but some alloy formulations are
The US Navy didn't use DU munitions as armor penetrators like the other
services do. They used DU rounds in the anti-missile/anti-air
Close-In-Weapons-System (CIWS). Both missiles and aircraft are extremely
thin skinned targets and just about any metal bullet (lead, steel,
copper, etc.) would be affective in destroying them. The change was not
due to any radiation or chemical toxicity. It had to due with the small
but real concern about shipboard fires caused by uranium's pyrophorocity
and the fact that there was no clear advantage to the DU rounds.
Conversely where DU is used for it's ability to penetrate armor, when
all factors are considered, there is no better option than DU.
Daniel Palmer



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