[ RadSafe ] teratogenesis can be pre-utero

James Salsman BenjB4 at gmail.com
Fri May 30 08:34:46 CDT 2008

Dear Dr. Facius,

Thank you for your message:

>... teratogenesis by definition refers to effects
> engendered IN UTERO....

On the contrary, any damage to spermatogonium, oogonium, oocyte,
ootid, or ovum chromosomes prior to folliculogenesis may also result
in congenital malformations.

The uranyl ion has a strong affinity to DNA, and its catalytic
production of hydroxyl ions is a million times more hazardous than
it's radiation.  Is the affect on germ cells harder to fathom than its
effect on white blood cells?

James Salsman

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