[ RadSafe ] teratogenesis can be pre-utero

Doug Aitken jdaitken at sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com
Fri May 30 13:49:40 CDT 2008

Hear, Hear!

His ability to change the focus of the argument, to distort (and invent)
"facts" and inability to accept logical and well-founded arguments that
dispute his "beliefs" is truly impressive.

And totally frustrating to all who pursue this futile endeavor. Like a blob
of mercury, he will not be pinned down....

The only way to end this is to ignore posts from that individual. Give him
his hollow victory and hope he goes away...

In any event, the chemical toxicity of uranium does not seem to be really a
RADSAFE issue.......

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Statements like this show that James is not competent to debate this issue.
When you get 
caught with your pants down like this, especially when it is pointed out
gently as Rainer has
done, the correct response is to admit the blunder.  Instead, James
(whatever his name is 
right now) pretends to be absolutely correct.  

-Gary Isenhower

On 30 May 2008 at 6:34, James Salsman wrote:

> Dear Dr. Facius,
> Thank you for your message:
> >... teratogenesis by definition refers to effects
> > engendered IN UTERO....
> On the contrary, any damage to spermatogonium, oogonium, oocyte,
> ootid, or ovum chromosomes prior to folliculogenesis may also result
> in congenital malformations.

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