[ RadSafe ] Fabricated data: EMF and the question of DNA damage

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri May 30 20:37:04 CDT 2008

At 08:02 PM 5/30/08 -0500, Dan W McCarn wrote:

[edit Dan's translation]

>Read it and Weep! I'm sure that these reports were also "peer reviewed"
>before the initial publication.  I can only say that, having worked in
>Vienna for eight years, that it was "common knowledge" (urban myth) that
>cell phones (and microwave ovens) gave you cancer...
>Dan ii (forgive any mistranslations!)

         Yes, weep indeed.  Any system is only as good or as --- please 
excuse the "m" word --- moral as the people using that system.

Steven Dapra


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>Saw briefly earlier today that some scandal had surfaced at the Medical
>University of Vienna.  If I got it right a woman had fabricated data (a 
>pretty good way of
>obtaining politically correct results) rather than doing experiments. It 
>was part of the REFLEX project
>and related to the question of whether EMF can cause DNA damage or not 
>(see also my
>commentary in Environmental Research, Vol. 107, 2008:288).
>I don't have time to dig into the Vienna case as I am leaving (Sweden) for
>Oregon & California in less than three hours from now (3.45 a.m. local 
>time...). May see some of
>you at the BEMS meeting (June 8-12)?
>Perhaps some other Radsafers can help to shed more light to the creative
>Vienna research,
>Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers at hotmail.com

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