[ RadSafe ] Re: radiation and heart disease link - prevention!

John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Sat May 31 16:37:37 CDT 2008

  Good point.  If you wish to teach hormesis, do so.  If you believe in the benefits of hormesis, good for you.  
  If you wish to advise patients on hormesis, you may want to get a medical degree first.  If you recommend that a person get radiation exposure, and then develops cancer, as 42% of us do, how well do you think you will do in a court of law?
  -- John
"Mercado, Don" <don.mercado at lmco.com> wrote:
John J. wrote:

"Dr. Long,
Why are you asking HPs to foster the benefits of radiation exposure? Is
it not the job of physicians to encourage healthy life styles to their

As a physician, why do you not communicate with your peers about the
benefits? Speak at seminars and meetings write articles. Physicians
listen to other physicians.

Please do not as HPs to do your work. We have enough of our own."

John, speak for yourself. Don't presume to speak for me because you
don't. If I, as an HP, want to teach hormesis, I will. It is part of our
job to teach radiation risk and hormesis is part of it.

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-- John
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