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For shear inanity, the following has to take the cake:



Contact:  Tarah Donoghue

September 9, 2008

Phone: (202) 879-5817


media at r-tac.org


                          FOR A DIRTY BOMB ATTACK

WASHINGTON,  D.C.  –  The  Radiological  Threat Awareness Coalition (R-TAC)
today released a national survey on homeland security preparedness, showing
that  at  least  81%  of  those polled said the threat of a “dirty bomb” is
serious,  yet  less  than  one  third  (32%)  feel prepared for a terrorist
The  national  survey  of  public sentiment finds that a majority of likely
voters would not know what to do in the event of a “dirty bomb” attack, and
have not taken steps to make themselves more prepared.
“Seven  years  after  9/11 proved that America was vulnerable, the American
people  know  the  danger  of  a dirty bomb, but they don’t know what to do
about  it,”  said  R-TAC chairman James P. Pinkerton. “The sense of urgency
that  sparked R-TAC will help deploy much-needed support to federal, state,
and  local  responders  to  address the threat of a dirty bomb. This is the
best way to honor their efforts and protect America.”
      81%  said  they consider the threat posed to the United States by the
      possibility of a “dirty bomb” attack by terrorists to be serious.
      A majority (56%) said they were not confident they would know what to
      do in the event of a “dirty bomb” attack.
      63% said they do not feel prepared in the event of a terrorist attack
      on their community.
      Only  34%  of  voters  agreed  the  government  was  doing a good job
      informing people about preparedness for a terrorist attack.

The nationwide survey of 502 likely voters was conducted August 25-28, 2008
by  Mr.  Peter Brodnitz of the Benenson Strategy Group. To view the poll in
its entirety, please visit www.r-tac.org.
About Benenson Strategy Group:
The  Benenson  Strategy Group is a nationally recognized strategic research
and  consulting firm founded in 2001. Peter Brodnitz was named “Pollster of
the  Year” in 2007 by the American Association of Political Consultants – a
bi-partisan  award  given  to  one pollster per election year. The Benenson
Strategy  Group’s clients include Governor Tim Kaine (VA), Senator Jim Webb
(VA), and Barack Obama’s campaign for President.
About R-TAC:
The   Radiological  Threat  Awareness  Coalition  (R-TAC)  is  a  national,
not-for-profit  and  nonpartisan  coalition  composed  of  a broad group of
first-responders,  business  groups, health advocates and homeland security
experts.  R-TAC  seeks  to  prepare,  protect,  and  prevent a radiological
disaster  in our country by providing information and resources on the risk
of a radiological catastrophe such as a series of “dirty bomb” attacks.
For  more  information about the coalition, please visit www.r-tac.org.  To
set  up  a  media  interview with Chairman Pinkerton or any of the Advisory
Board members, please contact Tarah Donoghue at 202-879-5817.

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