[ RadSafe ] Bob Nichols, from DU to Nuclear Plant Safety Expert

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Wed Sep 3 06:59:06 CDT 2008

Nichols won a politically motivated award from a professor at a small
college in the California State University system, Sonoma State University;
he thinks that this means that he has the Pulitzer Prize for investigative
journalism.  Now, with the hurricane hitting Louisiana, he has decided to
broaden his expertise (he moderates Yahoo Group lists with Cathy Garger
another anti-nuclear fanatic who does not expect that we will have any more
x-rays after 2033, since she wants the US to be radiation free by 2033).
Here is that posting.  I bring you this because these scientifically
illiterate anti-uranium/anti-nuclear zealots get a lot of coverage,
thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of readers through OpEdNews and Axis
of Logic.   If anyone knows how to reply to this "World Prout Assembly"
which had a convention at Radford University in Virginia during the summer,
please, let us know.


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Nuclear Threat With Gustav
By Editor 
According to Bob Nichols, Uranium expert and Project Censored Award Winner,
"The pumps still have to run to cool tons of reactor core and the reactor
swimming pools, so 'shut down' is a relative term. The reactors still
require a lot of ...
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