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Stabin, Michael michael.g.stabin at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Sep 3 09:51:09 CDT 2008

What's new on the RADAR web site? Lots.

http://www.doseinfo-radar.com/RADAR-INT-NM-Release.html - based on the Dec 2007 article showing that most licensees are applying too strict criteria for release of radioactive patients in nuclear medicine.

http://www.doseinfo-radar.com/RADAR-EXT.html - updated information about external dose literature and resources.

http://www.doseinfo-radar.com/RADARHome.html - fascinating analysis of the numerical BENEFITS of medical examinations by Pat Zanzonico of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (see link in the "cool stuff" section).

http://www.doseinfo-radar.com/RADARHome.html - link to HPS/ANSI standard on fetal dose calculations in diagnostic x-ray, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and occupational safety, with section relating dose to possible effects (see link in the "cool stuff" section).

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