[ RadSafe ] Radiation Sensors to Scan U.S. Air Cargo

HERMONRAO2 at aol.com HERMONRAO2 at aol.com
Thu Sep 11 15:23:15 CDT 2008

Oh really! So we should or will feel safe by implementing the  
recommendations propagated by these so called "experts"? What if the device is  detonated at 
the point when and where it has already landed within the border;  before or 
during the cargo is being scanned or during the flight over the land?  Have 
these "experts" weighed in on this scenario?  Do one thinks if that  happens it 
may be acceptable? What kind of impact it would have? How much  difference it 
would make if it was otherwise? See - it would never end as long  as we are 
playing the fear game for political objectives --- of course mixed  with the 
intention of public safety rather tackling the problem purely and  truthfully for 
genuine interest of citizens and for the safety of all human  beings without 
any political objectives. One can not transform lies into  truth just by 
associating the lies with some truth. 
Any way, I do not believe this type of discussion leads us any where or has  
anything to do with the kind of bulletin board on which it is being discussed. 
I  have been following this thread for some time and at last thought might as 
 well put forward my opinion of cents worth or may be of not even value  of 
one cent. 
Hermon Rao 
Nuclear Technology Services, Inc.

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