[ RadSafe ] RE: (Inert) reactor fuel pellet

Eric.Goldin at sce.com Eric.Goldin at sce.com
Mon Sep 15 15:17:51 CDT 2008

Brian,  I read Radsafe in a digest mode so your note below was nearly a 
week ago, but the "fuel pellets" I'm familiar with were not fuel at all, 
only plastic replicas.  ANS used to distribute the "pellets" on a card 
with energy equivalents (i.e. one pellet = nearly a ton of coal, that sort 
of thing) as a means of promoting nuclear energy.  They don't do that 
anymore and the cards have become somewhat of a collector's item.

Brian Rees wrote:
I'd like to get one or more inert fuel pellets for demonstrations, 
etc.  I've heard that they used to be handed out as souvenirs by 
various vendors, so I expect this isn't too strange a request.  I 
will even pay (reasonable amount).

Eric M. Goldin
<Eric.Goldin at sce.com>

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