[ RadSafe ] Concrete Storage Container to GSA excess

Blasio, Christopher J. (GRC-QS00) Christopher.J.Blasio at nasa.gov
Mon Sep 22 07:14:59 CDT 2008

This is an informal notice.  The official notice will appear on
GSAXcess.gov when the property is officially submitted as excess.


In the near future, the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio
will be placing a 2-piece steel-reinforced concrete storage container on
the GSA excess property list.  The unit is a model 8-120-H "Secure
Environmental Container" (SEC) and was manufactured by Dufrane Nuclear
Shielding, Inc. Outer dimensions are 117" diameter and 113" tall.  Inner
dimensions are 66" diameter and 76" tall.  There is approximately 25" of
concrete shielding on the side and top and 12" on the bottom.  Weights
are as follows: Base =  61,500 lbs, Top = 24,100 lbs.  More information
on this unit is available at the manufacturer's website.  The SEC was
used to store some activated reactor components for 33 months.


As is typical for such property transactions, the receiver is
responsible for loading and shipping the item from the government
location, which is in Sandusky, Ohio.  In addition, the typical GSA
pecking order would apply...1. Within the Agency (i.e. NASA);  2. Other
Federal Agencies;  3. State Government Agencies;  4. Universities;  5.
Sale to Public.  If you have interest in this item, send me an e-mail
and I will forward you information to our property/equipment services


Chris Blasio

christopher.j.blasio at nasa.gov


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