[ RadSafe ] Minnesota New Hotbed of Anti-Depleted Uranium Crusade

Brunette, Jeffrey J. Brunette.Jeffrey at mayo.edu
Wed Sep 24 08:51:29 CDT 2008

The bill that Roger refers to (Minnesota HF2523) is written a bit more
broadly than the article below appears to indicate.  Currently the bill
has no appropriations amount yet (at least as listed on the State web
site -
ssion=ls85) and would be to "establish a veterans facility in Sauk
Centre that provides veterans services for either depleted uranium
exposure, transitional housing, or veterans center that provides
outreach and group counseling."  Thus while some lawmakers might balk at
the "depleted uranium exposure" provision, it is a tougher political
pill to swallow to say that they are voting against transitional housing
or counseling for veterans.  However, the bill and its Mn Senate
companion bill (SF2334) are not moving very quickly through the approval
process.  Thus, I'll be surprised if this gets through this session.

Jeff Brunette, MS, CHP
brunette.jeffrey at mayo.edu

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If any of you live in Minnesota, you might want to keep a
closer watch on your legislature, which seems to be firmly
in the grasp of the con artists like Asaf Durakovic.  There
is a legislator who is proposing to spend $500K per year to
open another DU testing center (probably run by Durakovic),
since the article about it says that there is currently
only one center in the US and they are not talking about
the VA Center in Baltimore.

9/23/2008 10:06:00 AM  
Documentary showing highlights effects of war
"Friendly Fire" to be shown at school 
Sauk Herald

The film depicts the effects of Gulf War Syndrome and
depleted uranium's role in long-term health problems for
soldiers, their newborns and Iraqi civilians.

Friendly Fire, a documentary by Dr. Gary Null, has received
critical acclaim for not only bringing to light the
long-term physical effects the Persian Gulf War and the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also the military and
government's attempt to cover it up.  (Gary Null is long
time peace activist with connections to Arthur N Bernklau a
Korean War vet with no knowledge of DU but with a long
standing grudge against the Department of Veteran Affairs -
he previously made the claim that 11000 soldiers had died
from DU contamination so this "documentary" is probably a
real doozy)

The event is sponsored by the Veterans Village of
Minnesota. Veterans Village of Minnesota is in the
fund-raising stages of transforming the former home school
property in Sauk Centre into a short and long-term care
facility in Sauk Centre. There have been discussions about
the facility being a testing site for exposure to depleted
uranium. Currently there is only one other testing site in
the United States. State rep. Bud Heidgerken (R-Freeport)
recently cosponsored a bill that has earmarked $500,000 a
year for two years for the testing and treatment of
depleted uranium.

Roger Helbig
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