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The XRF device as you described it (x-ray tube excitation source) is 
considered a "radiation machine" (NAC 459.072) in Nevada.  For 
requirements for possession and use of the described XRF device in Nevada, 

Nevada State Health Division, Radiological Health Section

Nevada State Health Division, Radiological Regulations & Guides

Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 459 - Hazardous Materials

Registration of Radiation Machines (NAC 459.150 - 459.166)

You'll need to review the regulations for each state where the device is 
intended to be or will be used.


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[ RadSafe ] Portable XRF equipment (E.g. Niton et al)

Afternoon All


There may be a requirement to use a portable XRF device (like a Niton
etc) in the US - specifically Las Vegas. The excitation source is an
X-ray tube < 40KV potential.


I am aware of the basic safety considerations using such a device and
have fair experience of such devices in the UK (including regulatory
compliance issues).


Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of any state specific
issues that might need to be considered - if this device were used for
field study or perhaps in a demonstration (e.g. a trade show).


Thanks in advance for your help.







Mark Ramsay

Radiation Protection Adviser


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