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This false article about the NATO air war against Serbia has some of the
usual cast of characters like Keith Bavestock, allegedly a Senior World
Health Organization official.  What is the actual truth about Bavestock?
The claim is that he wrote a scathingly different report and it was censored
by the World Health Organization.  Does anyone know the real story?  This
article is full of falsity, including the fact that it was originally
written for the notoriously inaccurate propaganda organ Global Research in
Canada.  They proved they had no interest in science when they claimed that
the Indian Ocean Tsunami was triggered by an Israeli nuclear weapon that was
planted on the fault line deep under the ocean.  Now, that is their
explanation for a geological event of such magnitude that it permanently
altered the Earth's rotation on its axis.  Real scientists and real

Fallout of Serbia Bombing 'Continues to Kill' (no fallout at all from use of
DU 30mm kinetic energy penetrators against Serbian tank concentrations, so
hard to believe that this continues to "kill")

by Vesna Peric Zimonjic (presumed not to be particularly objective - looks
like a Serb who prefers to ignore Srebrenitza)

Ten years after the NATO bombing of Serbia, concern is rising over a rise in
the number of reported cases of cancer. (Is there even a single case that
could be attributed to DU and how has that attribution been made?)

Some 15 tons of ammunition fortified with depleted uranium was dropped by
way of more than 50,000 bombs and missiles in the 11 weeks of bombing of
Serbia in 1999. The targets of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
bombing were 116 locations, mostly in southern part of Serbia and the Kosovo
region.  (Does anyone know the DU weight - it certainly was not in any of
the bombs or missiles and only was fired in form of 30mm penetrator by the
A-10 aircraft)

Depleted uranium (DU) is placed at the tip of bombs for piercing the armor
of tanks and heavy military vehicles. Although weakened in the production
process, the uranium remains highly toxic.  (not placed at the tip of any

Experts disagree on the impact of depleted uranium on health. Some say that
the aerosol produced on impact and combustion of DU ammunition can cause
cancer and affect the kidneys, brain, liver, and heart. But some studies
have found no significant impact on health or the environment.  (What
genuine experts believe any of this?)

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) sent a mission only in 2000,
which focused on 11 spots in Kosovo and concluded that there was "no
detectable widespread contamination of the ground surface by DU. A number of
contamination points were identified by the mission but most of these were
found to be only slightly contaminated."  (Ignored the other two UNEP teams
that were sent later)

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2001 came to a similar
conclusion. However, British expert Keith Bavestock who was a part of the
WHO team told Belgrade daily Politika that "not all data available to the
WHO was included in the report." This, he said, "does not mean that the
report is false; it is incomplete."

Local doctors have their own reports. 

Full article here. (this is the link to Global Research) and from there to
another propaganda sheet antiwar.com

The links below this article also had the usual suspects leading off with 

The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children (this German doctor
who fell hook, line and sinker for Saddam's propaganda about DU caused birth
defects in 1992 still is a major contributor to the catechism of the anti-DU
Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians (categorically untrue -
UNEP examined 32 claimed sites in detail)

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