[ RadSafe ] Uranium in the hair of autistic children URGENT

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If the links below are being sought, they turned up readily using the 
following phrase as the search term on Google. I have not yet tried 
searching the Scholar mode in Google, but it might be even more germane.
"autism link to uranium in child hair"

Maury&Dog  [MaurySiskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com]
Toxic trace elements in the hair of children with autism ... higher 
in-hair concentration levels of lead, mercury and uranium. ..... link 
between the two cannot be discounted. It is recognized that this study 
has several limitations. ...
aut.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/9/3/290.pdf - Similar pages
by A Fido - 2005 - Cited by 16 - Related articles - All 4 versions
WiFi and EM Radiation - The Rest of the Autism Story
Jan 31, 2008 ... Therefore, it isn't excreted, so little of it shows up 
in hair. ... Mariea and Carlo then set up a trial with 20 autistic 
children. ... uranium. There was no anticipation of such a result by any 
study participant, .... Debacle Blow Up in Government's Face; 
Vaccine-Autism Link No Longer in Question ...
www.naturalnews.com/022573.html - 40k - Cached - Similar pages
Stan Kurtz hosts the radio program "From the Childrens Corner"
If you have an Apple Computer you can click the "MAC" link for a mac 
version. ... Why do children with autism have uranium in their hair and 
how can we ...
www.childrenscornerschool.com/radio.htm - 15k - Cached - Similar pages
Wireless Radiation in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism ...
link between wireless technology and autism .... The first child 
subjected to the EMR-sensitive protocol was the sentinel indicator. .... 
Hair levels of aluminum, arsenic, antimony, mercury, lead and uranium 
appeared to trend upward. ...
- 125k - Cached - Similar pages
Uranium Deforms Pakistan Children « Dprogram.net
Apr 4, 2009 ... Mercury (Autism) - Autoimmune disorders. "The more we do 
to you, .... Doc-Film Links. « Active Thermitic Material Discovered in 
Dust from the 9/11 World ... who is here to collect more samples of 
children’s hair and urine, said, ... Video: The Doctor, the Depleted 
Uranium, and the Dying Children ...
dprogram.net/2009/04/04/uranium-deforms-pakistan-children/ - 77k - 
Cached - Similar pages
Onibasu.com :: [Autism-Mercury] Re: Encephalopathy looks like ...
cadmium, lead,uranium in yellow. As I said, he had 14 essential ... Did 
your child's hair test show any toxic elements in ... thread: Re: 
Encephalopathy looks like Autism- Bismuth High-Susan Owens? "autismzone" 
<autismzone>. Other links ...
onibasu.com/archives/am/39015.html - Similar pages
Autism Street » An Old New Twist on Undead Bad Science?
So Holmes et al. says that some autistic children have way lower mercury 
in their hair than .... A recent study (10) measured mercury levels in 
the blood and hair of children with autism (n=82; mean age =7.2 ... lead 
and uranium in autistics than in controls. ... Link. (Free full-text 
available after registration) ...
www.autismstreet.org/weblog/?p=61 - Similar pages
# [PDF]
EMR Autism - George Carlos.indd
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Hair l ...


parthasarathy k s wrote:

>My query was primarily to get references, if any, linking autism with enhanced levels of uranium in hair of children. 
>I have data on uranium levels in different parts of India. It varied from 0.03 microgramme per litre to 49.9 microgramme per litre. I have also data worldwide. I understand that   uranium values of  two orders of magnitude hugher are present in water in countries such as Finland. The claim of one of the investigators (Dr Carin Smit)  that the uranium may be of reactor origin obviously indicated her lack of knowledge about the presence of uranium in water.
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>In all the incidents of which I am aware, uranium in hair is derived from ingestion of uranium in drinking water.  The uranium is present naturally in the ground water.  I can perceive no mechanism for uranium from a distant NPP to reach local ground water.
>Jim Otton
>U.S. Geological Survey
>Uranium specialist
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>Dear friends,
>the reported  presence of "high" levels of uranium in the hair of
>children suffering from autism has attracted wide media attention in
>India. In spite of all efforts, I could not get the actual data so far.
>The person who suggested that autistic children in Faridkot, Punjab are
>having high concentrations of uranium in their hair also stated that
>the source of uranium is likely to be the either  pressurized heavy
>water reactors at Rajasthan 150 km from Faridkot or the reactors in
>Pakistan. I have serious doublts about the credibility of such persons
>any one in the list has any references to enhanced uranium levels in
>the hair of autistic children, I shall be grateful to receive them 

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