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Dear Dr Richard D Jr.

Uranium story  hopefully must remain a story! Ms Carin Smit who commented on the source of uranium as reactors appears to be ignorant about the presence of uranium in soil, air and water. I was told that there may be more coverage of the story in the print and electronic media in the coming days.


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"...age- and sex-matched healthy controls." ?   What does this study actually prove?  Let alone, the claims from the original post that Parthasarthy was asking about.
Who were the controls, were they actual healthy siblings, or just as it says, age and sex matched...  If not actual siblings, how can environmental or nutritional factors be quantified to prove actual increased exposure as causal?   
Perhaps, in theory, it might be more factual that children WITH autism are medically prone to concentrate heavy metals in their bodies (specifically hair in this case) because of their other ASD medical conditions such as immune disorders or phenylketonuria, and not that the metals are the causal factor.   Not to mention, as it has already been noted here, there apparently are no quantified healthy levels for uranium in hair, so were these study children ALSO tested via urinalysis or by biopsy to prove ACTUAL uranium levels in their bodies, specifically target organs (in this case the brain)?    Seems to me there are many more questions than answers.
From the American Autism Society   http://www.autism-society.org/site/DocServer/EH_asd_and_immune_system.pdf?docID=4750
"The exact cause of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is not well understood. ASD is likely to involve a
combination of genetic, immunological and environmental factors, and may encompass several diseases
with distinct origins. Currently there are no biological markers for ASD, and diagnosis is based solely on
behavioral criteria."...

Richard Urban
Yuma, AZ

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April 6

At this link 
I located this abstract with its citation, as follows:

Autism, Vol. 9, No. 3, 290-298 (2005)

Toxic trace elements in the hair of children with autism

Abdullahi Fido
Kuwait University, Kuwait, fido at HSC.EDU.KW
Samira Al-Saad
Kuwait Autism Center, Kuwait

Excess or deficiency of natural trace elements has been implicated in the 
etiology of autism. This study explores whether concentration levels of 
toxic metals in the hair of children with autism significantly differ from 
those of age- and sex-matched healthy controls. In-hair concentration 
levels of antimony, uranium, arsenic, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, lead and 
aluminum from 40 boys with autism and 40 healthy boys were determined by 
Perkin-Elmer mass spectrometry. The children with autism had significantly 
(p < 0.001) higher in-hair concentration levels of lead, mercury and 
uranium. There was no significant difference between the two groups in the 
other five toxic elements. The ratio between nutritional elements and toxic 
metals among children with autism was within the normal range. The possible 
sources of the toxic metals are discussed. Such testing is informative but 
at present the practical implications in terms of diagnosis and clinical 
management are limited.

END of Abstract.

For a laugh, go to this link and read the histrionics about 
(primarily) mothers with U in their hair, who have children with U in their 
hair. The link covers the period from June 2003 to Oct. 

Steven Dapra

At 11:28 AM 4/6/09 +0000, parthasarathy k s wrote:
>Dear friends, Recently, the reported presence of "high" levels of uranium 
>in the hair of children suffering from autism has attracted wide media 
>attention in India. In spite of all efforts, I could not get the actual 
>data so far. The person who suggested that autistic children in Faridkot, 
>Punjab are having high concentrations of uranium in their hair also stated 
>that the source of uranium is likely to be the either pressurized heavy 
>water reactors at Rajasthan 150 km from Faridkot or the reactors in 
>Pakistan. I have serious doublts about the credibility of such persons If 
>any one in the list has any references to enhanced uranium levels in the 
>hair of autistic children, I shall be grateful to receive them Regards 

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