[ RadSafe ] Calibration of Gamma Survey Meters Over Extended Sources

Leo M. Lowe - SENES Consultants Limited llowe at senes.ca
Wed Apr 15 10:05:00 CDT 2009


Does anyone know of a commercial provider who can determine the 
sensitivity of NaI (or other) gamma count rate meters using extended 
sources, e.g. uranium-bearing (and/or Th or K) pads?  We had 
previously used a laboratory that provides sensitivity in cps per 
uR/h for U, Th and K for such meters, but the lab will no longer be 
providing this service.  Because of the non-linear energy response of 
some survey meters,  this is useful for meters intended for radiation 
surveys of tailings, waste areas, etc. containing above-background 
concentrations of U, Th or K.

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