[ RadSafe ] Canberra 2024 fast spectroscopy amplifier

Marcel Schouwenburg M.Schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
Mon Apr 27 03:57:13 CDT 2009

Dear RadSafers,


Forwarded on behalf of Robert Gunter.


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Greetings All,

I am in search of a Canberra 2024 fast spectroscopy amplifier.  If you
have an extra one in working order, please call or email.




Robert J. Gunter, CHP

CHP Consultants

rjgunter at chpconsultants.com



Tel:  +(865) 387-0028

Fax:  +(866) 491-9913 


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Please send the replies to Robert Gunter directly at
rjgunter at chpconsultants.com


With kind regards,


Marcel Schouwenburg
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