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In clinical radiobiology/radiation oncology, the "tolerance dose" is  
the dose at which - for a certain organ and a defined (clinically  
relevant) endpoint - the expected incidence is 0. Alternatively, it  
can be the dose at which a certain incidence of the defined endpoint  
(e.g. 5%) is observed.
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Zitat von "Strom, Daniel J" <strom at pnl.gov>:

> Tolerance dose was a radiation protection concept in the first half   
> of the 20th century. See
> Cantril ST, Parker HM. 1945. "The Tolerance Dose." MDDC-1100;   
> CH-2812. Oak Ridge, Tennessee: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.   
> Bitmap; 1.59 Mbytes.   
> http://www.pnl.gov/bayesian/refs/Cantril1945_MDDC-1100_CH-2812_Tolerance_Dose.pdf accessible from http://www.pnl.gov/bayesian/refs/classics.htm   
> .
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