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Michael McCarty mccartym1 at michigan.gov
Fri Feb 6 13:05:30 CST 2009

Canberra comes through:

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Thanks Dennis.  Much easier than firing up the hex editor. =)

>>> "NEVILLE Dennis" dennis.neville at canberra.com> 2/6/2009 1:29 PM >>

Subject:  G2K Reports (Lines per page) RADSAFE

Mike McCarty and Chris Becker,

Below is an excerpt from our preliminary copy of the Genie 2000 V3.2 Manual. It explains G2KOPTS.INI which has the capability of controlling various aspects of Genie 2000 but was never documented before.  G2KOPTS.INI is an ASCII file.  It does not come with the G2K distribution.  If you need it, you need to create it.  It can easily be created with Notepad and placed in the C:\Genie2K\CTLfiles directory.  The documentation is attached as a Word Doc (Genie 2K Options File.doc)

The value in the G2K OPTS.INI file overrides the template designation $NP only if it is less than $NP.

I've also attached a sample G2KOPTS.INI setting the lines per page at 56.  Default for the $NP setting is 57.  You can adjust this as necessary.


Dennis Neville
Systems Support Engineer
dneville at canberra.com

CANBERRA’s 2009 Users’ Group Meeting - June 15-19, 2009 at Loews Resort, Henderson, Nevada.
Check it out at http://www.canberra.com/events

excerpt from draft V3.2 manual (Genie 2K Options File.doc)

Genie 2000 Options File
The G2kOpts.ini file located in the Genie2k\CtlFiles directory contains
additional commands for controlling the 'look and feel' of the software. An example of
the file is as follows:
Operations Manual - ICN 9233652G 315
Genie 2000 Options File
The item enclosed in square brackets [] is the section name and each section can contain one or more parameter names and a value for the parameter separated by an equal sign.  If a parameter is not listed in the file then the value for that parameter is assumed to be 0.
[WinVDM] parameters
DiagsMenu=1: Used for troubleshooting
NoSpecial=1: Disables the Special VDM from starting
[Report] parameters:
TwoDigit=1: Provides an additional digit of precision in the mantissa by
reducing the number of digits in the exponent, e.g.
1.8197E-001 vs. 1.81965E-02
FileName=1: Removes the path from file names
PerPage=##: Reduces the number of lines per page in the report from the
value defined in the report template by $NP ($NP57 is the
default). Setting PerPage to 0 or a value larger than $NP reverts
to the value of $NP.
JustifyLeft=1 Numeric output is left-justified in the report columns, e.g.:
96.73 96.73
122.11 vs. 122.11
1332.48 1332.48
UseACP Use the System default Active Code Page for numeric formatting
as defined in the Regional Settings e.g.,
1.234.567,89 vs. 1,234,567.89
5,689E-003 vs. 5.689E-003


Text of G2KOPTS.ini


End of Attachments

>>> "Christopher W. Becker" <cwbecker at umich.edu> 1/30/2009 10:35 PM >>>


I am throwing this out there, because there has to be a gamma spectrometrist
familiar with Canberra's Genie 2000.  I am trying to change the LINEPPAGE
variable from 60 lines to 59 lines to match with my new laserjet printer.

Anyone help?

Christopher W. Becker

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