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McClung, Danny danny.k.mcclung at va.gov
Wed Feb 11 08:54:56 CST 2009


Releasing a skunk on Metro during rush hour would cause considerable
pandemonium. I just hope it's not on my train. P-U !!

Dan McClung
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Washington, DC

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It might be easier to resolve this problem if we ignore that fact that
patients' excretions are radioactive. Most readers on this list will
that after a fairly short time, the I-131 levels within the patient will
low enough such that he/she poses no actual danger to others. So why not
suppose that these patients instead of excreting small amounts of I-131,
are rather excreting skunk scent. Not dangerous, but offensive to
What would be the ethically defensible protocol for releasing these
patients for mass transit?

If we can answer this, I think we have answered the original question


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Dear Colleagues,

Many Iodine 131 patients arrives in Israel to be treated and then fly

The patient stays in the award until the residual dose is below certain

(Residual activity is calculated by the measurement of dose rate at 1 m)

I wonder at what residual activity it will be reasonable to allow the
patient to fly back to his country.

 One have to take into considerations :

1.  Five hours flight of sitting beside another passenger (who might be
child or pregnant women)

2.  Definite contamination of the airplane toilet, toilet cleaning,
disposal etc.

3.  Possible triggering of airport radiation alarm monitors.

Any suggestion will be welcomed.

Moshe Levita

Chief Radiation Executive

Ministry of Health


Clayton J. Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist

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