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Radioactive Waste: The San Onofre File : Indybay 

According to the plant's 2007 Radioactive Effluent Release Report to the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there were 202 liquid effluent "batch"
releases that year.

These releases lasted a total of 489 hours, or over 20 days. The longest
was 7.6 hours in duration. The releases averaged 2.4 hours.

The releases contained many dangerous radioactive chemicals, including
cesium 137, cobalt 60, iodine 131 and strontium 90.

Cesium 137 has a radioactive life of over 300 years, cobalt 60's over 50
years, and strontium 90's almost 300.

Iodine 131's radioactive life is only a few months, but during that time
it is intensely radioactive. I-131 mimics regular iodine, and
concentrates in the thyroid gland if it enters our bodies.

I-131 caused high rates of thyroid cancer after Chernobyl exploded and
burned its nuclear core, releasing virtually all its radioactivity.

San Onofre's airborne radioactive releases included all of the
radioactive chemicals cited above.

The 2007 report informs us "waste gas decay tank releases are considered
to be 'batch' releases. Containment purges and plant stack releases are
considered to be 'continuous' releases."


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