[ RadSafe ] Re: [GeigerCounterEnthusiasts] alleged dirty bomberkilled by wife

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Fri Feb 27 11:43:51 CST 2009

>From the information in the article, I think he probably was at least
toying with the idea of trying to build a RDD.  If, indeed, he was
dumping all the chemicals they listed in the article into the same jars
the most likely outcome had he actually tried was that he would have
killed himself with fire or fumes or premature detonation.  He clearly
wasn't nice, and he didn't sound very smart, either.  

While an explosion that scattered DU would be no more destructive or
dangerous than the same explosion without DU, the media response and the
public reaction would almost certainly be much larger.   

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I would like those of you who know about what a Radiological Dispersal
Device, popularly known as a dirty bomb, really is should write their
papers and get the record corrected.  The false story starts with an
apparent FBI report headed that he had Dirty Bomb Components - when in
fact he had explosives and some radiological material, but nothing
suitable to make a dirty bomb.  I just got one website that caters to
the security industry Security Management Magazine to post a retraction.
I have written Associated Press (I even called their San Francisco
office) and Bangor Daily News, but neither of them replied.  Here is
where the correction is posted - it has link to the Argonne National
Laboratory fact sheet on RDDs -  Slain Neo-Nazi Wanted to Build a "Dirty
25, 2009 - A Maine man who was shot and killed by his wife last December
had some of the components and instructions to build a dirty bomb,
according to a leaked Washington, DC, law enforcement intelligence

Roger Helbig
On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 4:45 AM, Aaron Muderick <aaron at muderick.com>

>   http://bangornews.com/detail/99263.html
> The detailed report indicates that he possessed 4 jars of depleted 
> uranium metal and one one jar of thorium metal.  That leads me to 
> suspect he bought it at United Nuclear.  That also means that he 
> possessed say, less than 20 grams of material.  I guess that allows 
> the lead of the story to say that he "had a cache of radioactive 
> materials in his home suitable for building a "dirty bomb."
> Oh well.  He's dead now.  Sounds like he was a real scum bag and 
> probably also an idiot.
> Aaron
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