AW: [ RadSafe ] Deadly embrace: NRC policy can expose childrentoradioactivity, by retired........

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Wed Jan 7 16:53:24 CST 2009

Dear Maury, dear dog,

My American English is obviously not good enough to understand your message
completely. Using my online dictionary "attaboys" means something like "good
boy" and is used also for dogs (...). 
To go back to the incriminated message I would like to stress, that this is
a strictly scientific and professional list. Therefore the comment is really
justified and it has to be noted that both an approximately 4 pi geometry
has to be assumed and that I-131 will be distributed to all body fluids!
This adds both to the internal and external dose.

This is a rather serious scientific question, which even the great Edward
Teller has used for his arguments. I remember with joy a discussion on
Austrian TV about two decades ago, when Teller was more or less confronted
alone with several militant anti-nuclear activists and he managed with
incredible authority to rebut all their arguments, to counter their tactics
to pose "100" questions at the same time and then, when he answered them
(without having taken notes) one by one, they claimed that he exceeded his
speaking time, he calmly said, that when so many questions are posed he has
the right to answer them one by one - regardless of the time this needs.
(Needless to say that this Hungarian born scientist, having studied also in
Germany and having lived many decades in the USA spoke still fluently
German.) But to get back to the topic - one of his arguments to show the
effect of natural everyday radiation in comparison to doses from nuclear
power plants, was that he clearly showed that "being very close to a person
of the other sex" (this was decades ago!) would result in a much higher
exposure and dose. 

So much about the frivolity! Aren't we radiation protection professionals
confronted everyday with the horrors of the anti's distributed in mass
media, that every pSv, or even every "radiation ray" will cause deadly
cancer? I am not going so far to recommend antis to avoid this deadly

To everybody who does no not understand my sarcastic undertone - I can't
help you!


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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Awwright you guys! That'll cost each of you 9 attaboys for Frivolity On 
The List.
Restrained cheers,
Maury&Dog  (Maury Siskel  maurysis at
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> Philip Egidi <pvegidi at> queried:  
>"If a couple has intimate relations after a treatment, would the pathway be
injection?? "
>That depends on which member of the couple was the patient.
>Brent Rogers
>Sydney Australia
>>Philip Egidi <pvegidi at> wrote:
>>I just wish the patients would follow the instructions when they are 
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