[ RadSafe ] Re: Deadly embrace: NRC policy can expose children to radioactivity

Clayton J Bradt cjb01 at health.state.ny.us
Thu Jan 8 09:02:18 CST 2009

Just came across this in my files.  Refer to the original study for

"Radiation exposure from outpatient radioactive iodine
(131I) therapy for thyroid carcinoma."

Grigsby PW, Siegel BA, Baker S, Eichling JO.
JAMA. 2000 May 3;283(17):2272-4.

CONTEXT: In May 1997, the US Nuclear Regulatory
Commission (NRC) revised its patient release
regulations, allowing for outpatient administration of
larger activities of sodium iodide 131I than
previously permitted. OBJECTIVE: To measure the
radiation exposure to household members from patients
receiving outpatient 131I therapy for thyroid
carcinoma in accordance with the new regulations.
DESIGN: Consecutive case series from October 1998 to
June 1999. SETTING AND PATIENTS: Thirty patients who
received outpatient 131I therapy following
thyroidectomy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma
were enrolled, along with their 65 household members
and 17 household pets. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Radiation
exposure to household members and 4 rooms in each
home, as monitored with dosimeters for 10 days
following 131I administration. RESULTS: The patients
received 131I doses ranging from 2.8 to 5.6 GBq (mean,
4.3 GBq). The radiation dose to 65 household members
ranged from 0.01 mSv to 1.09 mSv (mean, 0.24 mSv). The
dose to 17 household pets ranged from 0.02 mSv to 1.11
mSv (mean, 0.37 mSv). The mean dose to the 4 rooms
ranged from 0.17 mSv (kitchen) to 0.58 mSv (bedroom).
CONCLUSION: In our study, 131I doses to household
members of patients receiving outpatient 131I therapy
were well below the limit (5.0 mSv) mandated by
current NRC regulations.


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