AW: [ RadSafe ] "Lyrics" to the Swedish anti-nuke song on YouTube

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at
Sun Jan 11 17:59:37 CST 2009

> absurd that no answer was necessary. Now you even propose to give these> absurdly acting teeny boppers (or what they are called now) an instroduction> on radioactivity issues via RADSAFE! 
No Franz - I think you misunderstand me - I don't think that the medium to
comment/combat the desinformation on YouTube is Radsafers and with regards to
Meduza's level we can only agree about this is the lowest possible. It may, however,
be of some value to know what types of emotional garbage there is out there.
There is a more serious problem, however, and that is what the more systematic
anti-nuke people are doing - check out DU or Bertell for instance on YouTube.
Their stuff is read by others who are not radiation professionals and they may
believe in some of the corresponding desinformation: There (on YouTube - not
here on RadSafers) I think that we could play a role to correct the worst
statements by simply referring to basic facts.
> I do not only not believe that any attempts to "compete" with these idiots
It is not about competing (posting alternative videos) but simple corrections
may be of some value (Meduza is an exception with his vulgar level - most
of what he did was at that level).
My personal ideas only,
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