[ RadSafe ] ABC (aus) 7;30 Report

Ivor Surveyor isurveyor at vianet.net.au
Mon Jan 12 19:02:44 CST 2009

Members and Colleagues may be interested in an Australian TV current 
affair document.  On the ABC 7:30 report of Monday Jan 12 there was a 
report on pet food. The named product was alleged to be a cause of a 
neurological disease in cats.  What has this got to do with 
radiation?  The answer is everything because the product was 
subjected to gamma irradiation before entry into Australia.

The neurological disorder is well demonstrated.  To blame this on no 
evidence, other then the well understood anti-nuclear prejudice of 
the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as a consequence of gamma 
irradiation, is clearly a travesty.

"Pet Food Industry In Trouble."


Ivor Surveyor
[ isurveyor at vianet.net.au ] 

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