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Here is the Babelfish translation of the web page that I posted to RADSAFE
yesterday - it does seem that the soldier who was given the judgement served
in Somalia, where there was no use of DU - there were no enemy tanks in
Somalia.  Are there any standards for evidence in Italy; can one claim that
the claimant has defrauded the government and receive damages like they can
with the American False Claims Act?   




Roger Helbig


Historical sentence of the court of Florence

Recognized the nexus of causality between impoverito cancer and uranio

13 January 2009 - Amused Stefania

A sentence that will make history has been emitted from the court of
Florence: the Italian Defense Ministry will have to risarcire with 545.061
euros Gianbattista Marica, parachutist engaged in Somalia, the Ibis
campaign, for eight months, from December 1992 to July 93. 
Marica is a former sick Italian soldier of tumor. The sentence is important
not only for the entity of the compensation, but because it asserts an
important principle: the nexus of causality between the presence of uranio
impoverito and pathology of the soldier. 

In the judicial provision, dated 17 Decembers 2008, (but diffused yesterday
from Accame Hawk, president of the Anavafaf, an association that assists the
victims enlisted in the Armed Forces, which the same Marica had addressed in
2001 in order to render public its case), comes brought back the opinion of
a technical adviser who supports the existence of a nexus of causality
between the Lymphoma of Hodgkin (the disease the soldier, now in phase of
"definitive remission") and the impoverito exposure to the uranio. 

The expert, name from the court, supports in the first place that the
conclusions of scientific surveying of the Mandelli Commission, second which
such nexus cannot be assessed, "are dismissed of foundation for the
erroneous procedure of used search". Then he passes to the examination of
the responsibilities: the Defense Ministry - the judges in the motivation of
the sentence support whom they give yesterday is public and reperibile
rl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.altalex.com%2findex.php%3fidnot%3d44275>  in Internet -
has not arranged the adoption of adapted protecting measures for the
participants to the mission in Somalia, although were "under the eyes of
international the public opinion the specific dangerousness of that theatre
of war, and in spite of the adoption from other contingents of prevention
measures details". According to the judges, "to beyond the recommendations
that were or had to be notes to the ministry, the fact that to the soldiers
Americans was sets up the adoption of details protections, also in lack of
ulterior acquaintances, had to allertare the Italian authorities". 

In any case it has been from the Ministry "an attitude inspired to the
principles of does not secure and responsibilities from the Defense
Ministry, consistito in having ignored the information in its possession,
already give along time, approximately the impoverito presence of uranio in
the areas interested from the mission and the health hazards of the soldiers
connected I use to it of such metal; in not having employed all the measures
necessary in order to protect the health of own soldiers and in having
ignored the cautions adopted from other Countries engaged in the same
mission, in spite of the adoption of such measures of prevention had been
many times over marked the Italian soldiers". 
"Marica denounced the fact that the USA soldiers in Somalia, also to 40
degrees to the shadow, operated with coverallses, masks, gloves and glance
at them, while quickly the Italian soldiers were in short shortses and
canottiera" Accame asserts, that it speaks about historical sentence and it
remembers that "the Italian units did not know of the 22 danger that
November 1999, when you appeared the destined norms of protection to the
soldiers in the Balkans". 

Accame places an other question: "the sentence is of 17 past December. Own
the successive day the minister the Russian in a press conference has
announced to have allocated 30 million euro "for the victims of the uranio
impoverito and the nanopatologie". That or a case? Or the minister has
intentional to show a collaborativo attitude date the sentence as soon as
emitted? In any case - Accame concludes - we receive with joy this result".


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